About Hella Nuts™

Chef Mieko & Chef Kami

We’re Kami and Mieko, founders of Hella Nuts. As a two-person, mother-daughter team, we strive to bring delicious and flavorful vegan food to the Bay Area. When we started our plant-based journey in 2018, we realized that there weren’t many vegan options available at the supermarket besides vegan junk food. Soy, a cancer-causing ingredient, and many other gluten products were usually included in these foods to aid in costs, but these are the same ingredients that many have allergens too. We knew we had to come up with better alternatives that have no chemicals, no fillers, no soy, and just all-natural ingredients.

With a passion for flavor and creating easier access to organic food in urban communities of color, we decided to create Hella Nuts. As a black-owned and women-owned business, Hella Nuts aims to transform the stigma of how a vegan lifestyle isn’t for people of color or how vegan food is flavorless, to being delicious food for everybody. As a plant-based eatery in Oakland, California, we specialize in using an array of nuts, seeds, and legumes. Featured in VegNews, Peta, San Francisco Business Times, and more, we are proud to serve our community. We’re open late for all your late-night cravings so come check us out!